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Raspbian Bug Reports

If you've noticed something that doesn't work properly while using Raspbian, let us know. The problem you have discovered is likely to affect other users as well. The sooner we know about the problem, the sooner we're able to fix it.

Before You File a Bug

Please note that many issues in Raspbian may already be reported in the Debian or Raspberry Pi bug base. If so, it would greatly help the Raspbian Team if you first check to see if a bug report has already been filed with Debian or filed with Raspberry Pi before entering a Raspbian bug.

Please include a link to any existing Debian or Raspberry Pi bug along with your bug report. Links to email archives discussing the bug within Debian or other Linux distributions may be helpful as well.

If the bug is with raspberry pi foundation provided oackages it should be filed with them. Raspberry pi foundation bugs should be filed on github projects under raspberrypi or RPi-Distro. In particular kernel bugs should be filed under raspberrypi/linux and firmware issues should be filed under raspberrypi/firmware. If there is no specific project for the package in question then the RPi-Distro/repo project should be used.