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Macros allow the insertion of system features into normal wiki pages; the only thing that makes those pages special is that they contain macros. If you edit pages like RecentChanges or SystemInfo, you'll see what that means.

For more information on the possible markup, see HelpOnEditing and HelpOnMoinWikiSyntax.

Search macros

MoinMoin now uses a new search engine, that lets your make sophisticated searches using both the interactive search box or any of the search macros. For more help, see HelpOnSearching.




create an advanced search dialogue on the page. See FindPage.


create a search box on the page, which search the page titles. See FindPage.


create a search box on the page, which search the page contents.See FindPage.


print a list of pages whose content matches the current page title (like clicking on the page title). See CategoryCategory for example


print a list of pages whose content matches the search term.


Works like the FullSearch macro but caches the results statically. Use it if you prefer speed over an up-to-date result.


directly go to the page you enter. See FindPage.


print a list of pages whose title matches the search term. See HelpIndex.




a list of recently edited pages. See RecentChanges


an index of all page titles. See TitleIndex


an index of all words in page titles. See WordIndex


list links to non-existent pages. See WantedPages


list pages no other page links to. See OrphanedPages


list pages that were not edited for the longest time. See AbandonedPages


inserts a link to a random page.


links to a number of random pages.


display a local table of contents, possibly limited to a maximal depth.


macro to insert anchors into a page.


macro to list all of a pages' children. See start of this page for sample.


quick navigation to siblings of a page. See /MailTo for sample.


creates a link to toggle between slide show and wiki mode, and a link to start the slide show. See HelpOnSlideShows


displays first/prev/next/last links. See HelpOnSlideShows


displays number of attachments for current page. See HelpOnActions/AttachFile


displays number of attachments for page. See HelpOnActions/AttachFile


displays list of attachments. See HelpOnActions/AttachFile

System Information macros




a counter for page hits <<Hits([all=(False,True)][,event_type=(VIEWPAGE,SAVEPAGE)]>>


a list of all known InterWiki names.


info on the wiki, the python interpreter and the host system.


current page count. If exists is supplied as an argument, only existing pages will be shown.


list the sizes of all pages. See PageSize


shows statistical charts (currently defined types: hitcounts, pagesize, useragents, languages). See EventStats and subpages


Information for system administrators, see SystemAdmin. You need to be superuser to use this macro.


A list of system pages that were modified.


Shows wiki configuration settings which are either non-default or unknown. You need to be superuser to use this macro.


Shows all wiki configuration settings with descriptions.


List available Pygments lexers. See MacroMarket/HighlighterList for additional information.




<<Action(action [,text])>>

links to page with valid action, optional text could be used as alias. (action names are case sensitive). Example: <<Action(print, Print this page)>> will generate Print this page


display system icons. See HelpOnNavigation


insert a line break.